This is not a mere gun. Levels of reality in Buńuel's films

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The aim of the study is to contribute to a nuanced understanding of psychoanalytical film analysis. Its actuality is given by the example of Louis Buñuel's Las Hurdes, usually considered as a documentary. This genre plays a special importance, since due to the expansion of 3D technology the illusionism of the moving picture has grown, while the importance of the motion picture as the means of artistic representation has been diminished by the entertaining industry. The documentary film as an artistic form, in contradiction with the false image of the alternative realities created by fiction forms, theoretically preserves the possibility of confronting reality. At the same time, documentary film is a double-edged weapon: it is equally suitable for the unprejudiced presentation of reality as well as for the manipulation of the picture of reality. Referring to the above mentioned ideas, our attention is called to the analysis of Buñuel's film, using, among others, psychoanalysis.

Dead film (1993)

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The dead film In my short essay I have analyzed the virtual movement, the determining component of film within the range of a languistic game during of I have taken the following axioms as starting points: the movement within the picture is determined and brought about by the one 5 movement creating elements. Manipulating thes consciously, according to the serial principles thenatural character of movement within the picture can be stopped to create a kind of more abstract film language.
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